All clothes by Nike x RT : Victorious Minotaurs.
Photography & drawings by Pierre & Gilles.
Directed by Nataniel N.M.Robert.
Styled by Simon Pylyser.

Hair stylist Pierre Saint Sever / The Artboard
Make up artist Satoko Watanabe / Artlist Paris

Connor Newall / New Madison
Cordula Reyer / Marilyn
Debra Shaw / M Management
Luka Isaac / Kate Moss Agency
Ralph Souffrant / Next Management
Riccardo Tisci

Digital operator Alexandre Guillaume
Hair stylist’s assistant Bartelemy Joris
Make up artist’s assistant Yusaku Nakahara & Valentine Perrin Morali
Assistant Sanjay Bahadoor

Special thanks to
Dorothée Murail Jonathan Zlatics Victoire Duigou Virginie Trapenard & Karla Otto